The Journey Continues

You ever see those commercials or pill bottles that promise you can lose 10 lbs in a week?

Well…they aren’t lying- I’m down 7 lbs in just 2 days.

The catch is- it’s not actual weight- while it shows on the scale, it’s actually just excess water weight from all the junk and bad food you eat the few weeks prior- it’s not reality and it won’t last.

That is where most people screw up- they drop a large amount of weight the first week and think it’s super easy but then you are no longer bloated and there is no excess water weight to drop and you start losing fat- which is MUCH, MUCH slower…so they see that weight loss drastically drop the 2nd week and then plateau or even gain the 3rd week and they get frustrated.

Rightfully so…it’s a trick your body plays on you to think this weight loss thing isn’t, literally, the HARDEST thing you will ever do in your life.

I needed to drop 25 lbs to get back to where I was and 7 lbs of that is gone- by the end of the week- I’ll probably drop about 10-12 lbs and then I’ll spend the next month busting my ass to get the rest of it off and I fully realize that.

I think if I can bust my ass through December and get back to where I was, the beginning of the year will be no problem because the rest of the world will join on this little journey with me- at least for a few weeks…or even a month.

I’ll stumble a bit in February, thanks to the made up “holiday” of V-Day- which is just bullshit to sell candy- AND it works on me because I’m addicted to sugar.

I may even stumble around my birthday as well but I need to only allow a day to enjoy and then get right back on it- I can’t have more than a month of “downtime” per year.

I need to hit my goal in April, hit my goal in October- enjoy mid Nov-mid Dec and then pick right back up so that I’m close to my goal weight to start off 2024…and then go from there with a lift of battling just to maintain.

There are no new “day ones”…my start date is April 2022 and that is final…I started an 18 month journey to drop 200 lbs and while I’ve stumbled and screwed up- the journey continues.

Remember to always face reality when it comes to weight loss….it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, it’s a lifetime battle (there is no DIET) and you will stumble along the way- no one wins this battle without getting knocked down.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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