Tradition Continues

As an atheist, I don’t believe in heaven or hell…I don’t believe in ghosts or any type of afterlife really; I do find the thought of our “energy” remaining as an interesting concept- but only in a scientific way.

Years ago, when Call of Duty games started coming out, I told my mom that is what I wanted for Christmas. Yes- a grown man wanted a video game for Christmas; she demanded to get me something and it was the easiest thing for her to go to Wal-Mart and pick up.

The next year rolled around and so did another Call of Duty game so why not. Then 3 years and then 4 years and Call of Duty rolled out every year, around Sept-Dec and it was the perfect Christmas present.

Then my mom was hospitalized but she insisted on giving me the money to get the newest Call of Duty myself.

I wrote a longer, more detail post about this tradition, which you can read HERE.

Long story short- since my mom was hospitalized, she got rid of most of her stuff and her friend kept the rest to sell in a yard sale- but there was A LOT of stuff to sell so it didn’t all get sold.

Mom passed away in July of 2018 and I told her friend not to worry about it- she could keep the stuff and/or money she got from it but she insisted that she would send money for anything she sold.

A few days before Call of Duty Black Ops 4 came out last year- I got an envelope in the mail with money that came from the stuff this friend sold.

I used that money to buy the last Call of Duty game my mom would ever buy me.

I decided that I would buy EVERY Call of Duty game that comes out- no matter how bad it may be- because it’s a tradition that I wanted to keep up.

The new Call of Duty game comes out on October 25th and I knew I would be buying it…what I didn’t expect is that on October 13th, I would get a text message from mom’s friend telling me that she sold some more of moms stuff…after all this time…and would be sending me some money.

I should have it in time to buy the new Call of Duty game…another early Christmas present from my mom.

No- I don’t believe my mom is watching me from the clouds or that a specific god directed the sale of yard sale stuff in order for me to get the new game; I believe it’s a really cool coincidence that helps extend my mom’s tradition of getting me the new Call of Duty game as a Christmas present and it’s a cool little thing that just happened to play out with amazing timing.

Not all timing is great though….my son is in the marching band and they will be having their biggest competition on October 26th…so I will have to wait a few days to really jump in and play but sometimes you have to actually do adult things.

But….after his competition is over…LOOK out because…we’ll…no one should look out but me because I suck at Call of Duty.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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