Traitors, Not Patriots

Anyone with common sense fully understands that the thugs that attacked our country on January 6th, 2021 are not patriots- they are traitors to this country.

They are terrorists- our opinions don’t matter when it comes to that statement, it is a factual statement based on the definition of the word. “The unlawful use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”; pretty clear cut there.

I will take it a step farther though- anyone who supports Donald J. Trump, at this point in time, is also a traitor to their country. I understand they are either brainwashed or ignorant and they truly believe they are the heroes in this story…I assume Hitler believed the same thing.

If you voted for Trump in 2016, the last 4 years, including January 6th is directly on you…you are a part of the cause.

We’ve have come to understand that Trump supporters are traitors to our country but the problem we need to focus on is the response by those sworn to “serve and protect” because they seem to have a different idea of what that means.

I remember watching police, dressed like Robocops, forcefully removing a group of folks playing violins in remembrance of Elijah McClain- causing no violence or problem.

I remember the amount of protection the Capital Building had when BLM was scheduled to protest the murder of innocent black people…looked exactly like this…

That was a bit different than when a “protest” literally called “Storm the Capital” was scheduled and there were a handful of cops for the thousands of folks who had spent weeks talking about storming the capital and bringing guns and trying to overthrow our country.

The difference is black and white. It’s literally BLACK and WHITE.

Many of the cops supported the overthrow attempt and they did it openly on social media; there are videos of the cops allowing their buddies to freely walk in and freely walk out and the traitors were smiling in selfies- both groups of traitors- the cops AND the GI Joe cosplayers.

How ironic was it to watch terrorists attack the Capital Building with Confederate flags, yelling “traitors”? Honestly- it’s the definition of irony.

There is a reason these people use symbols like the Confederate flag or Nazi symbols and words.

They are losers who continue to lose- time and time again and it’s harder and harder for them to hide their fragile whiteness.

They are traitors. Traitors to their county, their race and humanity in general.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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