Travis Scott Concert

I’ve played Fortnite off and on since Chapter 1, Season 3…I remember that I downloaded it and constantly got killed so I spent most of my time just hiding in a house and it just wasn’t too much fun.

Then, back in October I started playing it again and being aggressive and realized I wasn’t terrible- not great but not the worst…and then I got my son into playing so we could play duos and stuff.

Then Chapter 2 happened and they added Deadpool and then I went nuts and play a few hours daily and even got a couple wins under my belt.

Fast foward to this Travis Scott- I’m an old guy and know Travis Scott as a man who dates/dated a Kardashian and that’s about it. I had ZERO intend on paying any money for a Travis Scott skin and I planned to watch the event/concert but I honestly don’t know any of his music.

Then the skins dropped and they were pretty damn cool- one of him as the a robot/Terminator and two “spacemen” as well as just a normal Travis Scott skin. I gave in and bought the combo and actually loved them.

I checked out some of his songs and a few were OK but his videos are pretty damn awesome so it got me excited for the big concert.

I was on my Xbox and my son was on his and we hoped into a duoes game to head to the stage to see this virtual Travis Scott come out and do his little rappity rap.

The stage lights started flashing and a comment/Astroworld planet started heading towards the stage and then BOOOOOOM- an explosion and we were all push backwards and there is this GIANT Travis Scott. The stage was destroyed and this huge, Mega Travis Scott was walking through the island and rapping with digital backup singers and it only got more amazing from there.

Explosions, fire raining down from the sky and setting the entire island on fire and then we were under water and then floating through space while Travis Scott, dressed as an astronaut sat on a planet and continued rapping.

There was a neon light show and the entire island turned into an amazement park with a roller coaster just…everywhere!

It was intense, exciting and pretty damn amazing…not only did it make me a fan of Travis Scott but made me love Fortnite even more- and my son loved it as well!

The only thing that would have made this better is if it were held in VR…but if future events/concerts are like this- they are quickly going to become the highlight of my life. I can’t wait to see where Fortnite goes from here.

I know, some folks HATE Fortnite but I truly believe those people are either trying to be “hardcore” gamers and just think they are too cool for a game with such mainstream success or they just haven’t given it a chance.

I’ve now watched the 2nd concert and have plans to watch a few more because it’s truly incredible.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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