Valentimes Day

Here we are again…good ol’ Valentime’s Day.

Holidays- in general- are stupid but this is one of the biggest bullshit ones we celebrate.

A day for guys (mostly) to give their wife/girlfriend/side chick candy and flowers because everyone else is doing it- how romantic!

I know… sexist! Girls can prove their love with gifts too!

We won’t even talk about the folks who are with their soulmate this year….had a different soulmate last year and another soulmate the year before- how many “once in a lifetime soulmate kinda love” do some of you folks get?

17 years ago- I ran out and got all that crap- then I created a life and family with my wife and literally shower her with love every single day so there really isn’t anything special about today for us. I was an idiot and thought doing all that crap was what I had to do to prove, mostly to the world, how much I loved her.

What exactly could I get her? Flowers are too expensive and die pretty quick- those are what idiots run out and send in order for their wife to impress their co-workers.

Nah- got nobody to impress- plus we can impress folks with our 17 years of being happily married and how we treat each other the other days of the year.

How about candy?

Nah fam- we are on keto and we just had a bag of amazing keto chocolate and we usually get a Lily’s bar every time we get groceries.

Maybe we could go out for date night?

Have you met us- we go to Louisville and Lexington basically every single weekend- throw in Cincinnati and a ton of other places to shop, eat out and spend the day together- our life is a date night.

Hell- most of you don’t even have a clue what you are actually “celebrating”- you just know if you don’t do what everyone else is doing, it must mean you love your partner less.

Like every holiday, Valentine’s Day was a pagan celebration that Christians stole in order to convert pagans- like Christmas and Easter.

A lot of folks think that we celebrate this day on February 14th because it’s the anniversary of St. Valentine’s death but the church actually picked that day because the pagan festival Lupercalia was celebrated on the “ides of February” or February 15th. Lupercalia was a fertility festival (like Easter) dedicated to the Roman god of agriculture- Faunus.

Lupercalia was outlawed because it was deemed “un-Christian” by Pope Gelasisu, who tried to figure out a holiday Christians could use around that time in order to basically overthrow the pagan holiday- again- like Christmas and the Winter Solstice. February 14th was chosen because it was close enough to the pagan holiday and it was believed, in France and England, that February 14th was the beginning of birds mating season. In order to make the holiday work, it needed to celebrate someone- instead of a fertility god – so St. Valentine was chosen because his execution had occurred on February 14th, 269 C.E.

St. Valentine was caught performing illegal/secret marriages and, while awaiting execution, he was visited by young lovers with notes about love…hence…Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentine’s Day was first created as a Christian holiday- they even had church service but around the Renaissance of the 14th century, the religious aspect of it started fading and now it’s just a day that florist over charge for cliché roses that folks send to prove their love.

It’s a day marketed towards spending money on flowers, candy and gifts in order to prove your love to someone and to allow other people to see it.

The problem with this is that love is “seen” every single day- so treating each other like shit but then sending some flowers and a Snickers doesn’t really prove, to the world, what you are trying to prove- trust me.

The wife and I basically do Valentine’s Day 365/366 days a year so today is no different. (Leap year.)

I do enjoy seeing couples who have massive arguments, yell and scream at each other, treat each other like shit (in private and even in public), cheat on each other, break up over and over or have “breaks”, rarely actually spend time together and really just don’t show each other much love step up and put on a great show for us though…

…bravo guys…Oscars all around.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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