Xbox, Playstation…or Switch – Which is better?

South Park had an amazing episode back in 2013 that discussed this issue perfectly but I still keep seeing all of the BS on the net about which is better…and why.

It doesn’t really matter which is best- let’s be honest. I can go into detail about the power behind each console and the reasons you should and shouldn’t go with one or the other but that is pointless.

We can all agree that the Switch comes in 3rd but even that isn’t a given because it all depends on the gamer and what they are into (and with the new Nintendo Online giving us old timers the games we loved, it may be headed towards the top!)

I grew up with NES and moved on to Super NES and then Nintendo 64 before I moved on to Playstation 1 and then Playstation 2. Why did I give up on Nintendo and jump over to Playstation? I honestly don’t remember- I know I couldn’t afford a Playstation and a Game Cube because I was super poor and I would guess that most of my friends had Playstation so that is what I got. I also had a Sega Genesis in there somewhere as well.

I’ve never been your average gamer because I didn’t get into stuff like Final Fantasy or go nuts over Sonic or Crash Bandicoot. I remember playing Madden with friends and Super Mario 64 with my cousin but mostly I stuck to wrestling games. (Which is the reason I had a Nintendo 64….WCW VS NWO!!!)

There was a long period of time where I didn’t even have a gaming system and wasn’t into it but my wife was involved in a wreck and we got a decent settlement and I finally had a few extra bucks to throw at a new gaming system and I had a choice- Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.

I went with Xbox 360….but why?

I honestly have no clue…maybe it had a better bundle at the time or maybe it was cheaper…it could have been that Sony pissed me off because I had PS1 and PS2 games that I couldn’t play on a PS3. I just know that I’ve had my Xbox 360 for about a decade and if a game was a Playstation exclusive- I just didn’t play it…I’ve still never played a single second of God of War. Honestly, I have every HALO ever made and never really played more than a few hours of them either.

When it was time to upgrade, I went with Xbox One because of the backwards compatibility- it just made sense.

I’m not really a gamer but love everything about gaming…except actually playing the games- it’s weird.

The thought of the Bioshock series is amazing but I’ve only played a little bit of those games. The story of Far Cry 5 fascinates me and while I’ve played hours of that game and love it, I get frustrated easily and move on. Most of the games I get are through Game Stop or yard sales and I get them several years after they come out…there are very few games I actually get day one.

Back to the console wars though…I think Playstation is a clear winner in most categories but us Xbox players have an awesome Game Pass program and I can still play some original Xbox games- so I’m pretty happy. I’m too far into the game and too poor to jump on the Playstation bandwagon but, IF…at some point, I have extra cash- I would happily own a Playstation 4 (or 5 or 15…depending on when that big chunk of money shows up) but I would probably stick with Xbox and only have Playstation exclusives.

In a perfect world, most of us would probably love to have both…including a big fancy gaming PC but most of us are too broke for that craziness so we have to choose…I just don’t understand the hate.

I’m an Xbox player but I don’t hate Playstation players…hell, if I had the money, I would have both of them. I just don’t understand all the back and forth and the hate over which system you play games on and I think exclusives are just bullshit- both ways.

I found myself playing Double Dragon last night for about an hour and loved it- so at that moment, Switch had won the console wars. I love the Nintendo Online stuff and would pay $20 a year just to have access to those old/classic games.

The gaming community is toxic enough and we need to try to change that and we can start with ending the console wars and returning home to enjoy the games. No one wins when it comes to war so just play what you enjoy (and can afford) and enjoy life…and if you are still so angry, kill people in Call of Duty..it’s very stress relieving.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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