Weight Loss Timeline

Numbers drive me crazy- especially when it comes to weight loss.

I created a chart based on my weight loss of 141 lbs. back in 2018-2019 to compare to what I’m doing now. I dropped 130 lbs. in 2018 with an additional 11 lbs. from Jan-Mar 2019.

When you break it down by month, it gets pretty interesting and really shows what caused my weight gain.

Here is a quick breakdown-

Jan – 33 lbs. lost
Feb – 16 lbs. lost
Mar – 13 lbs. lost – my appendix burst, which almost killed me but I worked through it
Apr – 15 lbs. lost
May – 10 lbs. lost
Jun – 17 lbs. lost

Here we have 6 months for a total of 104 lbs. lost.

Then my mom dies in July 2018.

Jul – 0 lbs. lost
Aug – 6 lbs. lost
Sept – 9 lbs. lost
Oct – 5 lbs. lost
Nov – 2 lbs. lost
Dec – 4 lbs. lost

Here we have 6 months for a total of 26 lbs. lost.

Then I lost 11 lbs. during Jan-Mar 2019 and finally hit under 300 lbs. The last weigh in I really remember was 299 lbs.

I decided to take a few days off to celebrate my achievement- it wasn’t too hard so I could easily get right back on track. I had hit under 300 lbs. right around my birthday.

My celebration for the weight loss and birthday started about a year struggle of roughly maintaining most of the weight loss- I jumped between 299 lbs. to 320 lbs.- up and down.

Then around March 2020 Covid hit- we were sent home- it seemed that the world was ending so I fully gave up until around the middle of 2021.

Around August/September of 2021- I looked into weight loss surgery and my weight had gotten to 445 lbs.

Weight loss surgery was not for me- not only was it tons of needles but there wasn’t a guarantee that it would work and there wasn’t anything there to stop me from gaining all the weight back anyways.

I went up and down again until January 1st, 2022, when I decided to lose weight again; I was still at 445 lbs.

During January 2022 I dropped 25 lbs. and got down to 420 lbs.

Honestly no clue what happened after that, but I struggled from March until April 12th– I did great for a few weeks and then screwed up- I maintained 420 lbs. almost perfectly.

April 12th, 2022, I started doing Supernatural VR for cardio. I started feeling better and losing inches, but the scale remained at 420 lbs.

Around the middle of May, I was feeling much better, as far as breathing, but I was basically just exercising so I could binge eat and still maintain my weight.

The Supernatural VR week starts on Monday which also lined up with a competition that we were having in Supernatural VR- it was my first competition and would take me about 2 hours of cardio per day for 7 days in a row to reach my goal.

I can’t work my ass off that hard just to undo it all with shitty food, so I decided to make that my kick off point of my new journey. My wife and I sat down and created some food cards based on our goal MACROs. We started planning out our food a week in advance and we stopped going out to eat multiple times a day. I started tracking/following my MACROs, intermittent fasting and 1-2 hrs. of Supernatural VR per day- slow days on Sat/Sun with about 30 mins of light Supernatural VR.

From May 16th to June 20th, I dropped another 25 lbs. to reach 395 lbs.

Here we are on July 8th and I’m at 390 lbs. for a total of 55 lbs. lost.

The weight loss will slow down but, as long as I can figure out how to work through massive life changing problems, I should be OK.

I was ashamed of gaining the 140 lbs. back but this shows me it wasn’t all my fault- sure I made bad decisions, but I went through 3 “once in a lifetime” events in about 2 years.

My appendix burst and I almost died, my mom died and then a fucking pandemic- which isn’t even over yet.

I could have used any of those events to help push me in the right direction, but I let them push me towards depression and I gave up.

I’m back now with a shit ton of goals and motivation. I can do better than I did in 2018- no doubt.

I’m going to chip away at that 200 lbs. day by day. Week by week. Month by month.

If I don’t hit my 200 lbs. lost goal in 1 year….then I’ll do 1.5 years….then 2 years- however long it takes to get there.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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