Weight Updates

I do my own thing- always have.

I created Sharketo- which is my weight loss plan. I created SharkysWorld and I’m my own damn brand ambassador.

In January 2022- I started losing weight and lost 25 lbs. but then- like usual- I just quit but I was able to maintain that loss from February until May 16th.

There is no reason I picked May 16th– something in me just clicked. I had been doing daily exercise since April 12th but hadn’t really lost any weight due to still eating bad food.

Normally, I would plan to start on the first of the month of something, but this time, I said NOPE…I’m doing it NOW.

I want to track my weights by month but my official monthly weight in day is in the middle- on the 16th of each month…so why not make this my own as well.

I’ve created my own damn months! Now- January 2022 was just…well…Normal Folk January but my second month was Maju!

Come back and check this page out once a month to keep track of my weight loss.

Starting – 445 lbs.
Current – 385 lbs. (as of 07.18.2022)

2022 -Normal Folk January -25 lbs.
2022 -Maju -25 lbs.
2022 -Jujul – 10 lbs.
2022 -Julgust
2022 -Augtember
2022 -Septober
2022 -Octember
2022 -Novdec
2022/23 -Decuary
2023 -Janfeb
2023 -Febarch
2023 -Marpril
2023 -Apray

Love, Peace and Sharkyness