What is Sharketo?

I created Sharketo back in 2018 and used it to help me lose 140 lbs.

Due to personal issues- I gained most of that back, so I took Sharketo and adapted it- fixing the mistakes I had made previously.

In general- Sharketo is a high protein/mid fat type of “keto”; I simply use the word “keto” to show it’s low carb but utilizes many keto friendly friends and concepts. The best part about Sharketo is that it’s mine and adapted for me so no one can tell me I’m doing it right or wrong.

Here is the basic concept.


18/6 intermittent fasting- eating from 1pm to 7pm. I’m following 15%/45%/40% MACROs for 1200-1400 calories per day- 52g carbs, 157g protein and 62g fat (roughly)- focused mostly on making sure I hit a min of 147g of protein and keep my calories in the 1200-1400 range. I have one normal sized dessert one day a week. One “cheat day” per month. This is a reward and still allows me to celebrate things like birthdays, special occasions. I still do exercise on that day though. No fast food unless it’s the cheat day. I track most days in MyFitnessPal. I have “food plans” for 2 weeks and we just switch days around since we eat alot of the same stuff.

No specific foods really, I just to stick with mostly lean meats and veggies but will have some “junk” if I can fit it into the MACROs.

I also take GNC Mega Men Multivitamin daily.


Tues and Thurs – 2 hrs of Supernatural
Mon – 1 hr Supernatural and 30-60 mins of weights- upper body
Wed – 1 hr of Supernatural and 30 mins of resistance bands- full body
Fri – 1 hr of Supernatural and 30-60 mins of weights- lower body
Sat and Sun – (light days) – 1 hr of Supernatural- all lows to stay moving, work on form and also dance more.

For each 1 hr of Supernatural- I do 20 mins of lows as a warm up. 40 mins of mediums with a high. I try to build up the intensity and then go hard and then slow back down.

This is the very condensed version but this is what I try to stick to.