Where’s My Reward?

My entire childhood was built on a reward system and that rewards was almost always food.

My mom would win at bingo or pawn a ring to take me out to a pizza buffet because it was cheap and I could get full- I was a fat lil kid.

That reward system carried over as an adult- something amazing would happen and I would go out to eat. Any holiday or anniversary? Go out to eat!!

Even if I felt bad or something bad happened- I’ve had a rough day, I deserve to be reward for getting through it with – FOOD!

One of the keys to weight loss, for me, is to find daily rewards that isn’t food.

At first, it was weight loss- I eat healthy and bust my ass for a week, the number on that scale needs to go down because that’s my reward for all my hard work. When the number drops, it feels amazing and helps motivate for the next weekend…but…when that number doesn’t move, or even goes up- where’s my reward?

Why did I eat healthy and bust my ass- for nothing? If I wanted to gain weight, I could just lay around on the couch and eat bad food!

I had to first find an activity that I truly enjoyed and I found that in Supernatural VR- I truly love doing it. I’ve now down it for well over 100 days in a row- ZERO missed days- and it’s just part of my daily routine- I honestly love it.

I love the music and dancing around and it’s a form of meditation for me- it makes me happy and helps keep the stress away and I feel amazing when I get done- I’m all sweaty and I know I just put in the work.

Then I had to figure out the food- I don’t want to be on a diet because diets are temporary- I wanted to find a way to eat foods I love so I can stick with it for the rest of my life. My wife and I sat down and made 14 days of meal plans with foods that we enjoy. Then we figured out a way to tweak them to make them healthier- replace hamburger with chicken or get a healthier form of hamburger. Add some veggies here and change the types of buns we were using. Some of it was just an issue of eating LESS of a specific food.

Instead of getting a bag of chips and eating the whole bag- we get a box of single serve bags- limit it to one every couple of days and then track our MACROs to make sure we can fit them in.

Sure- we all know most chips are just pure junk and have no real nutritional value but I also love chips and live in a world where chips exist- so it’s a great compromise for me.

Find what works for you and then don’t let ANYONE ruin it for you- I have people telling me that I shouldn’t do all that cardio or I should do this or that. Folks laughing because “you can’t really get a good workout in VR”- I’ve heard it all but I’m doing what works for me.

I am finding some rewards daily- like the way I feel after working out or being able to eat the foods I enjoy.

Going back to the “where’s my reward” from earlier- the reward isn’t the weight loss- the reward is feeling less stressed and happier. Another reward is literally enjoying the workouts- they are like games and I look forward to doing it daily. The reward is not overeating to the point of being in pain or dropping $50 each night on sugar in all of it’s forms.

Sure- I have a cheat meal here and there but I don’t use it as a reward any longer- it’s just more of a moderation now.

When I put in a weeks worth of work and the scale doesn’t go down- I can’t let it bother me that much because I’ve been rewarded daily for all the hard work. It’s always nice to see the scale go down but if it doesn’t- it doesn’t take away the fact that I still put in the work and I still go a ton of benefits from it.

I mean- I could go back to the old me- the depressed guy who wanted to commit a slow suicide by food and was literally miserable of moment of his life but where’s the reward in that?

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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