Why Gaming?

There are several answers to that question.

I’ve focused 2018 on being overall happier and that has included things like losing 127 lbs, learning how to weight lift, writing more and getting more into gaming. I’ve had a gaming system pretty much since the original NES and I’ve always loved playing video games but I’ve also always been really bad at it but that didn’t matter as much as it seems to matter these days and I’m not a fan of it.

I would also consider myself to be an old timer but I don’t want to stop learning new technology like new websites coming up, streaming, making videos, etc. Like it or not, there is room in gaming for us older folks and there is room in gaming for us folks that really suck at it but enjoy it.

Gaming should be for everyone and I think we have gotten too far away from that and I want to do what I can to change that. I’m an old guy and I suck at video games but I love them and the entire atmosphere around them.

I have one rule when it comes to gaming- regardless of how old or how bad you are, if you love a game…play it!

I’m not trying to become a streamer or video maker to become famous or be the next Jake Paul- I’m doing it as a hobby to keep me away from food and to continue to enjoy the amazing advances our society continues to make.

These young’ns may troll, call me old or talk about sleeping with my momma when they kill me in Call of Duty but that is life and it’s not going to phase me.

I remember back when I first got my original Nintendo- my mom would spend hours playing Super Mario Bros with me and, for some reason, she thought she would jump higher if she jerked the controller up or run faster if she moved it to the right as she held the speed run button. It didn’t matter how many times Mario jumped to his death, we just kept playing and loving every minute of it.

Now, you have parents hiring tutors to teach their kids how to play video games….dafaq is that shit? I do enjoy that gaming is becoming a “sport” and that folks like Ninja are making main stream because it’s helping to kill the ignorance that has surrounded gaming since the 90s- violent games don’t make people violent and bring gaming into the light is proving that.

I have no hopes of using gaming to become famous…I simply enjoy playing video games and I’m tired of the world trying to force the idea that you have to be the best in order to even play. I’ve gotten messages on Xbox, after a game of Call of Duty, telling me that I should just stop playing…I am THAT bad…and I don’t really understand that. I usually play solo and if I’m so bad, that is just giving you an easy kill.

Stop being so toxic and start embracing others who enjoy this community and try harder to include everyone because video games are amazing and we all new a little more amazing in our life.

Stop being E-Bullies.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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