WIP 01.11.2020

This week I’m playing…Fortnite!

Man, this week was full of video games and that is just the way I like it!

I realize I’m always late to the newest stuff but I’m finally getting more into Fortnite. I’ve played Fortnite off and on since it game out but I would gather my stuff, get into the circle and hide and just wait it out and while that usually got me in the top 10- it really wasn’t all that fun so I didn’t play it much.

Then the new season pass game along and I started looking at other aspects- instead of just hanging out and waiting- maybe I should try to complete some missions and stuff like that.

Earlier in the week, I was in a rough spot and had to go one on one in a gun fight and I won!

It really wasn’t all that hard, so I started playing more aggressive and running towards folks and I started killing more and more- I had a game this weekend where I killed 3 people! I know that doesn’t sound like much but it’s huge for me because I play so many games where I killed zero.

Now that I’m actually playing the game, instead of just hiding, it’s pretty damn awesome.

I understand why so many people hate it- because so many kids love it and it’s so mainstream- but after really playing it- it’s a hell of a game.

I like the cartoony feel of it and I understand that kids can end up spending a ton of money- all in all it’s a 100% free game and the stuff you spend money on doesn’t help you in the game- just makes you cooler- so I’m all for it.

I did get in some Modern Warfare but the entire week was basically just Fortnite- it’s like I’m just discovering it.

My son and I were playing last night and I had a game where I killed a couple people and made it to the final 2 where I had a perfect hiding spot and a chance to finally win one….which I didn’t- of course- but it was a blast. My son and I were having so much fun yelling and stuff that my wife called from downstairs to make sure everyone was OK.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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