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I’m getting back into gaming during 2020 and I mean…really getting back into gaming…so I’ve decided to start doing a weekly post that I’m calling “WIP” which is simply – “What I’m Playing”.

I watched some 2019 Top 10 Games of the Year and I disagreed with most of them…and then I realized that some of the games I’m currently playing came out long before 2019 so when I look at doing a Top 10 games for my 2019 there were games like Overwatch and Far Cry 5 and that’s because I just don’t have time to always grab the newest game out and put 100s of hours into it.

I’m an old gamer with a full time job, 13 year old son, gorgeous wife, run an international charity and try to find time to do other stuff like exercise and drawing.

So- while these big time YouTubers can set around all day playing video games- I can’t do that…but I still love video games and I think there are way more people out there like ME so why not write stuff from my point of view?

Basically it’s going to be a post about some of the games I’m playing that week- new or returning too and why I like it so much that I’m returning to it.

My time is GREATLY limited- so if a video game gets several of my hours- there has to be a legit reason why.

Let’s cover December for our first WIP and then start on Saturday, January 4th with WIP #1!

I’ve spent most of December playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Borderlands 3, Outer Worlds, Little Nightmares and Far Cry New Dawn thrown in as well.

This version of Modern Warfare has been my favorite so far- the multiplayer stuff is amazing and I don’t seem to suck as much as I normally do but the story mode (which I haven’t finished yet) really pulls you in and just wants you to set there and play non-stop.

At this point- when I get tired of playing ANY game- I just hop back onto Modern Warfare and I’m a happy camper….I mean, I don’t camp…just happy.

I knew I wanted Borderlands 3 but waited until I got it at a decent Black Friday sale and I’ve loved playing it but I’m currently stuck on Mouthpiece- which I know is pathetic- but I suck at headshots and his shield is always in the way and I just can’t kill the big bastard. I try over and over but then just hop back on multiplayer Modern Warfare.

Outer Worlds seems like it will be a good game if I have time to put into it and try to build up some ammo/guns etc because I just keep getting slaughtered there too… but it’s been fun so far.

I’m loving Far Cry New Dawn even if everyone else seems to hate it- it seems a bit more laid back than Far Cry 5 was and I love the story and it just seems to be a fun, not too serious game.

Finally- Little Nightmares always got my attention but I got the full game with DLC for around $4 so I couldn’t pass it up…I LOVE that game- it’s slow paced and almost calming while the graphics/art work is really cool and it’s just enough to get your anxiety going and give you a good little jump scare while calming you at the same time.

I would recommend ALL of these games…but if you are on the edge about the new Modern Warfare- if you have liked ANY of the previous games in the series…GET IT…it’s amazing!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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