WL Writing Prompt #2

List some short-term weight loss goals.

This one is pretty easy- I started on Dec 26th and plan to really focus 53 weeks on it to see how low I can get by Dec 31st, 2022.

I took my overall goal and divided that by 53 weeks and got the weekly goal that I want to shoot for- 4.3 lbs.

4.3 lbs seems impossible and it would be for someone with a few pounds to lose but I have 220 lbs just to get down to just being overweight…so the weight should fall off.

The first week is done and I lost 11.2 lbs which makes my current weekly avg 11.2 lbs….and that will drop each week now but the plan is to hit the 4.3 lbs weekly avg over a year.

My “goal” is always going to lose about 4 lbs. Once I lost 4 lbs, my next goal is 4 lbs and so on…all year long.

I can’t attack losing 220 lbs at once because, even in 2018, I only lost 140 lbs and it took about 15 months.

I have to focus on WEEKLY goals….if I lost a little, a bunch of even gain- the goal is ALWAYS to lose about 4 lbs by the next Saturday.

While I know there will be weeks that I probably even gain, I can’t add what I gained or what I was short to the next goal because then the goal just gets too far are.

The goal is ALWAYS around 4 lbs- regardless of anything else.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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