WL Writing Prompt #4

What are new healthy habits you can start?

Well, I started adding some healthy habits back on December 26th.

I start adding more water, lowering my carbs/sugars and adding my exercise.

I started actually taking my blood pressure medicine along with a daily multivitamin and focusing on drinking less diet soda and 18/6 fasting.

The plan is to eat lunch around 1pm and then have stop eating before 7pm so I have a 6 hour eating window and most of that is sleeping.

I’m really trying to focus on not eating after 7pm and it’s already been pretty hard but I’ve been mildly successful. My go to was to always get a ton of snacks after dinner or hitting up DQ for some ice cream- it became a nightly thing and it was slowly killing my entire family and draining any extra money I may have at the time.

The key to my success is going to be not totally giving up- if I have a bad day, I just pick up and continue throughout 2022, period. I can’t just stop or not worry about it anymore. This has to be something I focus on every single day of these 53 weeks and even if I fail; I need to continue to keep it on the on top of the priority list- I can’t be a good husband or father if I’m dead.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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