WL Writing Prompt #5

What is your history with weight loss?

I’ve been trying to lose weight since middle school. I remember telling my football coach I had lost some weight and he went off on me. He wasn’t happy because I was a lineman and he wanted me to be like a wall- I was already so much bigger than the other kids I had to wear one of the high school helmets.

I then lost some weight after I graduated and gained it back and I continued this process for the last 25 years or more. I’ve lost 80 lbs here, 100 lbs there….then 140 lbs but I never figured out a way to keep it off and always turned right back to food.

The moment stress hits, I give up and turn to food.

My history is getting severely bullied for being the fat kid and constantly feeling ashamed while giving into the addiction endlessly.

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