WL Writing Prompt #6

What worked so far?

The thing that worked the best was keto but I can’t stay on keto my entire life…it’s just not something I can do. The minute I went off keto, the weight started coming back fast and it was just a big fat ball rolling down a hill that couldn’t be stopped.

It’s clear that eating low carb and high protein is the way to go- with a lot of exercise. I followed this plan perfectly the first week and dropped almost 12 lbs.

I’m not the type of person that can eliminate any type of food because my mind just won’t let me do that…a big part of my food addiction is the “freedom” of getting whatever the hell I want.

I grew up poor on food stamps and I was never really in a spot to just walk into a store and literally buy anything I want and now that I can, it literally gives me a feeling that I’ve never felt before…it’s like being high on drugs.

I can be depressed and just the thought of walking into a store with the ability of buying any type of food and any amount I want and just binge hits me like a shot of cocaine or something.

I have yet to be able to find something to replace that and I’ve start being able to catch it and try to fight it but it’s still a struggle.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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