World Mental Health Day

One of my biggest pet peeves is ignorance- there is no excuse for it in this day and age- we have knowledge literally in our pockets.

This is why I have so few friends- my low tolerance for bullshit and ignorance and the way I call people out on it.

People HATE to be called on bullshit- when they are giving you this story and you are just like “bullshit!”- they tend to not want to be friends with you anymore- and I’m GOOD with that.

Then you have those folks who have no clue what they are talking about…so I educate them with reality and that REALLY pisses folks off.

Here is a perfect example-

“Jesus is the reason for the season!” How many times do we hear that through December?

People who say that have zero knowledge of history or their own religion…and I like to educate people of their ignorance and nothing pisses off a Christian like reality, facts, evidence and history.

I will write more about it in December but the Bible clearly says Jesus was born around the end of September. All through Luke you have tons of clues like-

The shepherds were in the fields watching their flock- they didn’t do that in December.

The Roman census affecting Mary and Joseph- that wasn’t done in December.

Luke also goes into great details on the birth of John the Baptist and explains that there is no way Jesus could have been born in December.

Now- if you want to be a Christian and believe in God and Jesus…more power to ya! I will stand up next to you and fight for your right to do just that…however…stop spreading the bullshit ignorance.

The REAL reason for the season is the Winter Solstice- which is a pagan holiday so that timeframe was chosen to try to force pagans to convert to Christianity- sort of like…”haha, you’re celebrating our holiday anyway.”

I mean…the Bible even says having a tree in your house is a pagan celebration and to NOT do it…but Christians have Christmas trees- that is due to ignorance of their own religion.

Here are some more-

Columbus was a piece of shit, yet most of us were taught he discovered a country that already had people living there.

Thanksgiving is literally the celebration of the first illegal immigrants not getting put in cages or sent back where they came from yet Trumpers will be celebrating it.

Easter is just another stolen holiday- eggs and rabbits are in celebration of sex, not the resurrection of Jesus…just another stolen holiday.

The same goes for daily news…you got people supporting Trump and literally have NO clue what the Mueller report actually said; they have no clue what is literally going on yet they speak like they do.

It kills me to hear people talk about subjects they are clearly uneducated about…you don’t see me posting shit about hockey. If I start posting about hockey, someone should tell me to shut the hell up.

My uneducated thoughts and opinions about hockey shouldn’t mean shit to anyone and I shouldn’t even have them.

That is the problem with our world today- people have been told that their opinion and thoughts, on subjects they know ZERO about, is just as important as people who DO know about those subjects.

It is not.

All that was said to say this- I have an amazing life- gorgeous/amazing wife, awesome son, decent job and a roof over our heads with food on the table yet I’m still depressed most of the time.

I feel like my entire life should be trying to make the world better- either through speaking truth to ignorance or charity work.

Ask my wife- 99% of my “free time” is doing charity work to literally try to make the world better…anyway I can.

I literally do NOTHING for just fun- I’ve tried to just set down and play video games for the last 3 weeks and physically can’t- it feels like I’m wasting time that could be spent trying to change all the bullshit in the world.

Yesterday I heard the story about a family of Kurds- father, mother and kid- all in civilian clothes with no guns, getting blown to pieces while in their car simply trying to get the hell out of the attack area.

How can ANYONE hear that…know what is going on in the world and think- “can’t wait to get home to play some Mario Kart!”

I can’t do it and that leads to depression and removing myself from others because the ignorance is just too much for me to deal with.

Yesterday was #WorldMentalHealthDay and I didn’t want to post this because I didn’t want to take away from people with worse issues than I have…but the more I think about why I’m so overweight, the more I realize it’s because I really don’t see much of a future to fight for.

I was listening to Greta Thunberg and she makes so much damn sense- she was saying that she walks out of school on Fridays because “why worry about getting an education and into a good school when she isn’t going to have a future anyway…”

I’m not suicidal, in the way that I want to kill myself but I have to be able to explain why I lost 140 lbs in less than a year and then gained 65 lbs of it back and don’t really care…even though I’m still fighting and that is because the ignorance around me shows me that we don’t have much of a future left and, even if we do, do I really want to be here much longer than I have to be?

I’m literally committing a slow suicide through food.

Now…all of this wasn’t written for YOU…it was written for ME…to try to help me figure out why I keep doing it and to stop it and make changes for my mental and physical health.

It’s posted (like everything I post) to not try to change the mind of anyone but show others who may be in the same place I am that they are not alone. It’s to share reality, facts and truth in order to fight all the ignorance that we face every single day.

I feel like that is my job and it’s literally killing me.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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