Welcome To My World

**Updated 03.19.2024**

I am Sharky Hitchens.

I’m a morbidly obese guy (pre-diabetic) on a journey to lose 200 lbs.

I’m a father, husband, gamer and I enjoy doing some photography and writing.

I’ve broken my world down into three areas –

This is where I’m going to write essay type posts about actual American history- not the BS we were taught in school. A fair warning- I write pretty fast and rarely proofread. My stuff is full of grammar errors and mispelings. (<—see what I did there?> If you have a proofreading kink- I suggest you turn away now.

This is my health journey (formerly weight loss journey). While I still have the goal of losing 200 lbs; I’m more focused now on getting healthy with the hopes that the weight will come off. I lost 140 lbs in 2018 only to gain it all back plus some. I will be updating this weekly but you can follow a more detailed journey on my Facebook page —> Sharky Hitchens

I started playing video games on the Atari back in the early 1980s but truly fell in love when I got my original Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then, I have realized that playing video games not only greatly reduces my stress but gives me something in common with my son.

Those three things are really the only things that I’m going to be focusing on.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness,