Biggest dream is an interesting thing to think about and I guess it depends on what you look at as a “dream” exactly- and since this is my webpage, I can look at it however I want.

I think “hopes” and “dreams” are different but many people view them as the same. My biggest “hope” would be that my son grows up to be an amazing adult and have an incredible life but I only so much control over that. A “dream” is something that is only directly related to you and you have full control of reaching it- as long as you put in the amount of effort it takes to reach.

My biggest dream is to reach my weight loss goal of 240 lbs- which involves getting healthier overall.

This is the same dream I’ve been trying to accomplice most of my life and I’ve only gotten close once- at 140 lbs last (reaching 299 lbs.)

It’s a dream that is FULLY in my hands and I have the ability to reach it- so it’s all up to me.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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