This year could end up being one of the biggest of my entire life- my son turns 18, graduates and starts college and my wife should be graduating college (again).

On top of that, we should get our big loan paid off and be out of debt so we’ll have  ton of extra money since our son got so many different merit scholarships so 99.9% of college is going to be free.

My vision is I stick to the new healthy lifestyle and drop about 15 lbs per month- which is NOT unreasonable.

Our son graduates in May, starts college in August and then turns 18 in September- the same mount we should get the loan paid off so the last 3 months of 2024 should be amazing…and it’s lonely 9 months away.

The vision is very simple- stick to the plan- both health and money- and end the year in the best shape- both health and money- then I’ve ever been.

Everything we’ve worked for over the last 21 years is about to come together and I know that I’m probably asking the universe to shit all over me but we’ve put blood, sweat and tears into getting here- I need to be healthy enough to enjoy it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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