March 1 2023

New Beginning

…I guess.

Looks like the recent update to my server has completed deleted most of the old page…oh well…what a better time to start fresh than March 1st!

This is technically the start of a new journey for me- I have always looked at it as “losing weight” but now I’m trying the whole “get healthier” thing- and there is a difference.

I grew up and went to the DR and let them do blood work (deathly afraid of needles) and the results started coming back, with the big one coming in this morning.

There are three issues I need to focus on-

  • Low Iron
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol

My hope that is if I focus on getting those numbers lower- the number on the scale will come down as well.

Everyone also asks “how much weight have you lost?” but the never ask “how much healthier have you gotten?”

Everyone can see the weight so I spent most of my life just trying to get that number down- not really caring or focusing on HOW it would come down.

Back on 01.01.2018- I started my journey at 440 lbs. I lost 140 lbs over the next 13 months and then started to struggle a little. Then my mom died and I started gaining the weight back; the final nail in the coffin was Covid. I figure if we were all going to die- I’d die with an Oreo in my mouth.

Needless to say- I did not die from Covid (had it and then a rebound) but I did gain all of the weight back plus a few pounds.

Then I started back on the journey at 445 lbs and I’m currently right around 400 lbs with a long way to go.

I will be updating this section once per week- usually on a Monday- with what I accomplished the prior week and where my weight is- although I’m not going to let my entire focus be on that number.

See you guys next Monday! (I do realize today is Wednesday.)

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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