March 13 2023

March 13th

This is weird to say…but I have a “weight loss team” now and I’ve never had that before.

I finally have a primary DR. I finally let them take my precious life force (blood). I finally have my sleep apnea stuff back on track with a permanent DR there as well.

I’m still working on getting the mental appts figured out.

That is “my team”.

It’s still on me and I get that, but I’ve got issues that keep me from being 100% successful and I’ve stepped up- became an adult- and I got a team working on it.

There have been several “starting points” for me through this and you could pick any of them as “day one” but I’m going with what I consider to be my first “weight loss” appointment- as far as weight goes- which was March 6th.

March 6th is when I got my blood work results and had my first monthly weight loss appointment.

Based on that- I’m down 2 lbs in one week- which is pretty pathetic for me- however- I’m doing it differently than I ever have.

I have a food journal and I’m tracking foods. I’m eating an insane amount of carbs (at least to me- stuck in keto mind) but I’ve added a ton of veggies and have focused on the two actual medical issues I had- blood pressure and high cholesterol. I started BP medicine, and it was already lower than normal at my sleep apnea appointment and I’ve been around 200-250 daily cholesterol for the week. Even with screw ups- they don’t really affect my cholesterol because my go to cheat is sugar.

The first week- I made massive strides to establishing health habits. The second week is going to be focused on exercise and getting back into that routine.

I am currently down from 445 lbs to 404 lbs so I’ve been able to maintain a 40 lbs lost for several months now- even binging…so that is a win.

While I’m trying to not focus so much on my weight loss as far as actual numbers, I do have weekly goals and an overall goal for one year. I am ahead of my goal already (based on all the previous start dates) and I have reasonable goals to drop the rest of the 200 lbs and hit my goal right around my 46th birthday.

I’m using this year of weight loss to teach myself (along with my team) how to keep it off this time.

No surgeries. No medicines (weight loss).

Just learning how to live- finally.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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