March 20 2023

March 20th

Yes. I’m aware that I said I would be updating every Monday and this is only the 2nd week and I’ve been late both times.

Eh. Request a refund.

This week hasn’t been great. I stopped with my daily MACROs tracking because- why not- and I just went nuts eating shitty food for no good reason.

I stepped on the scale on 13th and had gained 2 lbs. back BUT I was exactly where my goal was set- so that is both a fail and a success.

I had my first therapist appointment set up for this week; it was online and after she read my little paragraph about what I wanted to talk about during the meeting and why I had set up the point- she literally cancelled it with the reason being “I’m not qualified.”

It’s always a good sign when a therapist with 20+ years experiences gets a small paragraph of what’s in your head and she just says “nah fam…I ain’t ready.”

The next available therapist was in the middle of April- I just need to remember to tone it down a bit so that I at least get the first visit out of the way.

My next weight loss appointment is April 6th and I’m right on track- but if I don’t get back under control, I won’t be.

Since I’m in this 12 month program that is supposed to teach me how to handle binge/emotion eating- why not share that knowledge with you guys.

The first lesson is called “I Want Bliss” and it’s a way to name your emotions, discover alternatives and practice self-care.

I – IRRITATED – Consider if the issue will matter next week or is a temporary frustration. Talk to a trusted friend, journal about the issue, take a quick walk, take some deep breaths or stand outside for some fresh air.

W – WORRIED – Shift your focus to what you can control instead of what you cannot. Practice mindfulness to connect to the present moment instead of the past or predicted future.

A – ANGRY – Activity helps release anger from your body so consider a brisk walk or jumping in place. If you are in place where it is safe to do so, get lout and get the anger out. Force yourself to shift your focus to gratitude.

N – NERVOUS – Be present right now. Close your eyes and take 20 deep counted breaths. Shift your focus from the worst-case to the best-case scenario.

T – TIRED – Give yourself permission to rest by taking napes or doing relaxing activities you enjoy. Review your sleep habits and work on increasing how long you sleep or how well you sleep.

B – BORED – Be creative or pick up a hobby. Call a friend. Write in a journal. Play a game. Choose any activity that you enjoy or have always wanted to learn.

L – LONELY – Connect with someone in person or make a phone call instead of texting or emailing. Volunteer, join a local club or foster a pet.

I – INADEQUATE – You are the perfect version of you, and you are always good enough. Make a list of your positive traits. Take a power pose by standing with your fee wide apart, your hands on your hips and your head held high.

S – SAD – Give yourself permission to feel sadness for five minutes. Then create a gratitude list and do something that boosts your mood. Reach out for help if sadness doesn’t go away.

S – STRESSED – Identify your source of stress. Then change what you can control and adjust how you think about what you cannot. Try meditation, yoga, walking or journaling.

-Taken from Premise Health.

Of course, the appointment had more talking and going through stuff but this was the hand out and it seems to be pretty helpful.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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