March 6 2023

March 6th

I’ve started an actual DR based weight loss plan- monthly DR visits- bloodwork and all that non-sense.

Based on my tests; I have high blood pressure and my cholesterol is a little high but I’m in almost perfect health- which not only surprise me but blew the mind of my DR. You could literally see it behind her mask when I asked “how is that possible”…she responded “I have no clue…”.

My dad has heart issues including several heart attacks.

My mom had pages and pages of healthy issues including diabetic, CPOD and heart issues- resulting in her death due to a heart attack.

My DR can only guess that I have great genes and that my parents medical issues were causes/worsened by other factors like both being smokers for so long.

I got some blood pressure medicine, some additional allergy medicine and the all clear to start exercising- even based on the high blood pressure.

It seems like I’m always “restarting” constantly but this seems like the perfect place- I restarted last Monday when I got my blood work and last week wasn’t great but I did make better choices and started doing things to let to weight loss.

Since this is a 12-month, DR supervised program- I guess I have until my 46th birthday to see what I can do and now have accountability.

As I’ve always said though- losing the weight isn’t an issue for me- it’s keeping it off.

I’m telling you now that I will drop between 100-150 lbs by my 46th birthday- no problem. The problem starts a year from now- when I lose that DR supervised program and accountability and start that slow grind back to gaining it all back.

This also includes some mental stuff so hopefully I can use the next year to get that aspect fixed- before it happens.

Kicking off week 2…I’ve got until April 6th to show what I can do.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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