September 19 2023

Wegovy Journey 09.19.2023

I’ve been on Wegovy- fully- now for about 10 weeks or so and I’m only down about 10 lbs. (45 lbs over all) but it has been amazing for me in other ways.

I no longer binge every night.

I no longer have food in my mind constantly.

I now eat a normal amount of food and feel so full it’s like I’ve eaten several plates at a buffet; I literally eat less than 50% of what I was several months ago- yet I’ve only lost 10 lbs or so- that is a bit weird to me but I’m still on the journey.

The main problem is; it’s made me extremely tired so there was no motivation to exercise but that changes today!

If I can just force myself for 15 minutes 2 times a day, then I think that will help with the energy levels after a few days or so.

While the weight loss hasn’t really been there yet with Wegovy – the life changes have really put me back into control of my life. I can see a pizza commercial and it doesn’t eat away at my brain until I get said pizza.

My next shot is the 1.7 so it’s time for me to step up and get this exercise going- even if it kills me.

Watch for more updates several times a week- I’m starting to feel like my old self again so let’s GOOOOOOO!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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