What Is SharQi?

SharQi is my own form of healthy living.

When I first started doing keto, I realized that I couldn’t really do keto the way most people did, and I was tired of people telling me I was “doing it wrong” so I created Sharketo- my own form of keto- so that no one could tell me I was doing my own thing wrong.

I wasn’t doing keto- I was doing Sharketo.

I used Sharketo to drop 141 lbs. in a little over a year- but Sharketo focused only on two things- nutrition and exercise.

It did not focus on my mind. It didn’t focus on my biggest problem- the mental aspect of life. By leaving that part out of Sharketo- I set myself up to fail.

And fail I did.

My mom passed away and then Covid hit, and I gained all my weight back, plus a few extra pounds on top of it and hit my highest weight of 445 lbs.

I went back to the drawing board and took some of the best parts of Sharketo and mixed it with what I was learning about mindful eating and meditation and created SharQi.

It’s a way of living that focus’s on overall health- body and mind.

The name can be pronounced two different ways –

“Shar-Key” – as in “Sharky”

“Shar-chi” – taken from Qi which is the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine. I picked this up from learning QiGong (which I also made my own and incorporated it into SharQi.)

I’m not suggesting that you follow what I do and I’m not looking for students of SharQi- it’s a way to take several things that have worked for me and put them together into my own little journey; it’s a way to do my own thing because I’ve failed at trying everyone else’s.

Sharketo has evolved into SharQi.

It’s mindful eating mixed with meditation and exercise to become the best Sharky Hitchens I can be. The exercise includes techniques taken from QiGong and Tai Chi as well as boxing, Supernatural VR and basic exercise from walking to lifting weight.

I plan to share what I learn while trying to put the principles of SharQi into my daily life- feel free to take anything you like and make your own way of living that works for you- not just temporarily but long term; diets are temporary.

SharQi isn’t a diet; it’s a way of life.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness