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AMERICAN REALITY – this is where I write more fact based stuff; sort of like little essays that are more about facts and history than my opinion.

SHARKIATRICS – the branch of blogging that deals with the study and treatment of obese Sharkys.

LAWRENCETURD, KY – life in a small town.

IN THE KITCHEN – this is our recipe section. The wife and I try to do a recipe each Sunday but we miss a lot. We find a recipe, adapt it to what we like and then actually make it. If we like it- it goes in this section.

PHOTOGRAPHY – this area is pretty simple- I like taking pictures. I took ALL of the pictures posted unless otherwise noted.

POETRY – this area is pretty simple- I like writing words that rhyme…and some that don’t.

SH-ART – I like doing art stuff- from drawing to coloring and I’m not great at it…I like to call it Sharky’s Art but most people call it Shitty Art…so I just went with Sh-Art!

THOUGHTS – this is just my random, personal blog where I may write about my thoughts, opinions or who knows what else- sort of stuff off the top of my head.

TRUE OG – this is my video gaming section! Formally known as Sharkfin Gaming. Basically everything from new games coming out to reviews. Old games I’m playing, stuff I’m interested in…all gaming! True OG can be “Original Gamer” but, for me, it’s mostly “Older Gamer” because that is what I am. Sharky is a True OG!

Then you have LINKS which is simply links to places away from my world but still related to me- mostly social media, YouTube, streaming and my charity- Commons4Kids.

You can also buy some merch over there as well…because I’m a Maverick…I mean…a Sharkrick and you always gotta be plugging! Link in the bio and shit.

SOCIAL MEDIA – I have a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram– all found as “SharkyHitchens.” The Facebook page is the biggest part of my social media.

I’ve tried to set it up so you ONLY see what you want to see- most gaming fans don’t want recipes…hopefully it’s set up easy enough for you to get to exactly where you want to be.

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