Weight Loss History

I guess this is another start so I’ll make it short and sweet.

My highest official weight was 445 lbs.

I’ve been obese literally since I was in middle school; I tried to lose weight but my football coach literally yelled at me because I was a linebacker and the bigger your are, the harder you are to get through.

I tried losing weight through my 20s with Stackers and Ephedra and had success but gained it all back.

I tried losing weight through my 30s with a few other types of medicines and even tried eating better and exercise- I had success but gained it all back because I gave up.

I’ve tried losing weight through my 40s with keto and Wegovy. Keto helped me lose 140 lbs.- which I gained back and Wegovy only caused problems.

Here I am- 46 years old and still trying…I haven’t fully quit trying for 3 decades- why start now.

The goal is always about the same- watch my MACROS, low carb- high protein and exercise.

I’ve deleted all of my previous weight loss posts because that was the past and this is a new beginning…again.

I’m not into the “healthy at any size” BS and I’m going to write 100% honest about the weight loss journey- which I’ve always done.

This time is different because of the results of my last blood work (which I’ll post about after this)- this isn’t like the last 3 decades of trying.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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